London, 1st May 2024: Brokit, an award winning insurtech startup, is proud to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking solution that eliminates the pain of form filling for insurance brokers. It uses the power of AI to automatically fill any insurers portal with one click, increasing efficiency and accuracy within the insurance broker industry.

Brokit addresses a common challenge faced by insurance brokers on a daily basis, streamlining processes and significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required for data entry. By automating tasks that involve a lot of copy-pasting or rekeying of data into insurer portals, Brokit saves time and minimises the risk of errors that can arise from repetitive tasks.

David Mark, Founder and Managing Director of Brokit, explains the inspiration behind the product, “I realised that insurance brokers are underserved by the latest technology solutions, so I set about trying to change that. The result is Brokit, a productivity tool that enables brokers to be more digital. We’re currently on a mission to rid the world of time-consuming, boring repetitive tasks that involve copying, pasting, and retyping data, because let’s face it, form filling sucks!”

Anik Islam, Managing Director of Premier Insurance Services said, “I congratulate David and the team on the launch of Brokit. Rekeying data into multiple insurer portals is a real issue for any broker as they have an obvious impact on efficiency. Brokit is a great example of AI technology solving real problems in the insurance market.”

Key features of Brokit include:

  • AI-powered automation: Brokit’s AI capabilities allows brokers to automatically fill any insurer’s portal with just one click, irrespective of whether the form contains input fields, checkboxes, or radio buttons.
  • Efficient data collection and entry: replace the monotony and complexity of form filling with a simplified approach, making processes quicker and more accurate.
  • User-friendly interface: with one-click on your browser, forms are filled, saving brokers valuable time and resources.
  • Data integration: Brokit pulls in data from market presentation documents, facilitating seamless integration.
  • Support for Digital Factfinders: it enables even easier data collection ensuring a hassle-free experience for brokers.

Brokit is backed by the UK Government via Innovate UK’s Smart grant. It aims to empower insurance brokers by providing them with the tools they need to excel in a competitive industry. By simplifying complex processes and minimising the time spent on administrative tasks, Brokit enables brokers to focus more on serving their clients.

Brokit will exhibiting at the BIBA Conference, stand G8. For more information about Brokit, please visit

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