We’ve been having a bit of fun asking brokers what they think our name “Brokit” means, and the responses have been as creative as they are entertaining!

  • ☑️ “Broker IT”
  • ☑️ “You broke it” 🔨
  • ☑️ “Broker kit”
  • ☑️ A tool to “broke it” (the risk)

But here’s the winner for the most original idea:

“At events, you should to give away ‘Bro-Kits.‘🛍️

A gym duffle bag, aviator glasses, a Brokit tank top saying ‘if it ain’t fixed, Brokit’. As well as a Brokit cap with an envelope that explains this cap can only be worn backwards.

Your guys should always be wearing shorts with sandals at the events (even if they have suit jackets on) with backwards caps carrying energy or protein drinks. 🥫

The Brokit Bros. 🕶️🧢

‘Fix it with Brokit.’

There you go. That’s about $50K worth of advice. Go get em!"

Big thanks to Christian Moore for this hilarious take! Couldn’t stop laughing 😂🤣

What do you think? Should we bring the Brokit Bros to life? (Surya Varatharajan created the above amazing representation using AI 😂)