AI Generated image of the Brokit bros. A group of guys wearing caps, suits and brokit branded clothing

Brokit Bros

We’ve been having a bit of fun asking brokers what they think our name “Brokit” means, and the responses have been as creative as they are entertaining! ☑️ “Broker IT” ☑️ “You broke it” 🔨 ☑️ “Broker kit” ☑️ A tool to “broke it” (the risk) But here’s the winner for the most original idea: “At events, you should to give away ‘Bro-Kits.‘🛍️ A gym duffle bag, aviator glasses, a Brokit tank top saying ‘if it ain’t fixed, Brokit’....

June 10, 2024 · 1 min · Brokit
Brokit at BIBA

Brokit @ BIBA

It’s over. It’s been amazing. We’ve had so much interest we had to waitlist people! Some fun stories: “Doesn’t matter what the MD says we’re signing up! He’s not the one that has to fill out those websites” - Couldn’t stop laughing 😭 “It sucks”, “Its painful”, “It’s hard”- Glad we struck a chord 🎵 “That makes sense” - Just love the simplicity of that lightbulb moment 💡 “No brainer” - When we described the pricing 🧠...

May 18, 2024 · 1 min · Brokit