A client asked me how they could improve their application forms. Being a bit of a nerd I did some research and came up with 3 things.

The first was: Keep it short and simple

Remember that old saying: *“less is more”*?

When it comes to application forms that is even more true. But we are talking commercial insurance where insurance brokers have no choice but to ask the questions insurers want.

Here’s some tips to help:

  • Use an autofill solution: For example, companies house contains information on companies that can be used to automatically fill out a form while saving time. Even something as simple as an address lookup can make a difference in sales as ecommerce sites have found out
  • Limit open ended questions. These take the longest to complete and people usually don’t know how to complete them.
  • Use multiple choice/checkbox questions. These are easier to complete. They also makes it clear what type of accuracy is required for the question: A common question on insurance application forms is turnover. For most respondents this requires checking their accounting software to find the exact number, but most insurers only care about this to the nearest £50,000 which most financial directors know immediately.