A client asked me how they could improve their application forms. Being a bit of a nerd I did some research and came up with 3 things.

The second was: Make it relevant

A study published in Oxford’s University’s Public Opinion Quarterly showed that people are more likely to complete a survey when it is relevant to them. The same applies to insurance application forms and factfinders. Nothing turns off a client like seeing questions that are not relevant to them.

You can make it relevant to your clients by:

  • Advising or helping clients to answer the questions
  • Clarifying why it is important: they will get a more accurate quote that will save them money, they are less likely to be underinsured or to get a claim rejected
  • Use branching logic to select questions that are relevant to them. From my own personal experience applying for insurance: It would have been ideal if I didn’t have to answer questions about previous years turnover or contract sizes after answering that my startup was less than a year old.